Getting started


You can create a new dataset by navigating to the Datasets tab of your workspace or administrator panel and clicking the New dataset button. If a dataset belongs to an organization, it will initially be "unpublished" and only visible to administrators on the admin panel. If a dataset belongs to a user, it will initially only be visible to that user.

All datasets must have a name (unique to datasets for the user / organization) as well as a brief introduction. You can also provide additional documentation, tags, and other information that will show up on the dataset's overview. This information can also be edited at any later point.

All new datasets must have at least a name and introduction.

Creating the first version

Once the dataset has been saved you can upload data and create your first version of data on the Data tab. Clicking the Upload data button will open the data editing interface.

To learn more about uploading data to your first version, please read the working with versions documentation.

Subsequent versions

You can release subsequent versions by returning to the Data tab of this dataset. You will see the current version's table displayed. You can create a new version by clicking New version. This new version will allow you to build on the contents of the previous version, or replace them completely. Learn more in working with versions.

Modifying released versions

Once a version has been released, the data in its table is locked. However, you can modify the release notes, temporal range, and variable metadata on previously-released versions.