Adding metadata


For many datasets, providing strong metadata is just as essential as uploading and cleaning the raw data. We strongly encourage you to provide metadata whenever possible.

Redivis supports variable level metadata in the form of variable labels, descriptions, and value labels. You can learn more about the metadata fields here.

To edit a table's variables' metadata, click the Edit table metadata button in the top right corner.

You can also edit the metadata of any current version by clicking the link from the dataset editor page.


Editing metadata

In the metadata editor, you can modify a variable's metadata: its label, description, and value labels. Edit the fields as you would in any spreadsheet, and save changes when you're done to return to the Table tab.

Uploading a metadata file

To apply metadata in bulk, you can upload a file containing metadata information directly from your computer. This file can either be a CSV or JSON.

CSV metadata format

The CSV should be formatted, without any header, as:


For example:

sex,patient sex,patient's recorded sex,1,male,2,female
id,patient_identifier,unique patient identifier

JSON metadata format

// JSON format is an array of objects, with each object representing a variable
"name": str,
"label": str,
"description": str,
"valueLabels": [
"value": str,
"label": str

Linking metadata

For datasets uploaded by an organization, you'll have the additional option to link to previously created global metadata.

Any variable name matches (case insensitive) will be linked to the corresponding metadata and the rest will be ignored. If you update the linked global metadata file in the future, the value here will be updated as well. Any metadata that is input manually will override linked data.

Global metadata can only be linked to the most current released version and versions pending release. Once a version becomes an historic version (meaning that a new version was released), variables will become unlinked from their global metadata, meaning that future changes to global metadata won't have an effect on historic versions.

Versioning metadata

Variable metadata is tied to that variable's version. Editing a current version's metadata won't have an effect on previous versions.

You can still edit the metadata on historic versions by navigating to the version in the version history and editing that version's table.