Releasing a version

If you have finished editing data and completed all required fields, you can click the "Release" button at the top of the dataset editor to begin the release process. Releasing will lock the next version of the dataset and make it available it to everyone who has access.

Version label

You can assign a label to this version if you think it's appropriate. It will be displayed in some places alongside the version tag. This will probably only be used in rare cases.

Release notes

This optional field is for you to provide further information about this release. You can describe any changes you made or include more details on the state of the data in this version.

This release notes supports markdown and as well as embedded images and other files.

You can create and save release notes at any point in your process by clicking the 3 dot menu next to an in progress version on the dataset's overview tab.


When the table is done and you've completed all required fields, you can click the Release button.

Upon confirmation, the release process will begin. This may take some time for larger datasets — you can leave the page at any time; when the release process is completed, the new version will be available for users with access work with.

Note that releasing a version is final and the data can't be edited once it has been released.

It is highly recommended to follow the procedures outlined in Editing data for validating your output before releasing your version.