The query view allows you to directly query data a table by writing SQL. It is intended to allow advanced users to generate more comprehensive statistics and information about a particular table.

Queries are limited to an output size of 10 GB, so use of a LIMIT clause might be necessary when working with large tables. The results of a query cannot be exported, though your previous query is saved for future reference. If you would like to materialize larger results, you can add the dataset to a project and create a transform.

This query view is only available if you have data access to the table.

Query syntax

Redivis supports the BigQuery Standard SQL Syntax and features. This is the same syntax as you would use in writing code-based transforms within a project.

Additionally, queries follow the same table reference rules as the Redivis API.

Running a query

You will not be able to run an invalid query. You can hover on the Invalid query message to see the validator feedback and make changes.