Explore data

A table is the primary tool on Redivis to view and investigate data. You'll see tables:

  • On the Tables tab of datasets

  • On dataset and table nodes in a project

Table metadata



Variable count

Total number of variables in the table.

Row count

Total number of records in the table.

Variable count

Documents the concept that one record in this table represents. For example, the table's entity might represent a unique patient, or a specific hospitalization, or a prescription.

Temporal range

The range of time the current version of the dataset covers (if applicable). This can either be set by the dataset editor manually, or calculated from the data itself.


The size of the current version of the table


If this table is sampled, you will see a marker for whether you are looking at the full dataset or the 1% sample. You can click here to switch between them.

Data content

Every table has two tabs where you can view the data and interact with it in different ways:

Clicking any one of these variables will open the statistics panel where you can further investigate a variable.

Variable metadata




The name of the variable, limited to 60 characters. Must be unique within the table. All variable names are insensitive, and can only use alpha-numeric characters and underscores, and cannot start with a number.


Type of variable, computed on upload. See the full list of supported variables in Redivis.


A short, human-readable description of the variable name. Limited to 256 characters.


A longer space for notes about the variable's creation methods, coding, or supplementary information. Limited to 5000 characters.

Value label

A table mapping each value in the data to a longer string of information. For example, a variable with records 0 and 1 might have value labels for 0 = No, 1 = Yes. Value labels will be shown inline on the cells view with values in a grey color if they have been assigned to this dataset. If the label is too long, you can hover on these values to see the full text. You can also look at the frequency table in the statistic panel to see a full list of value labels used for this variable.

*Required for all variables