A table is the primary tool on Redivis to view and investigate data. Every table contains variables (columns) and records (rows).

You'll see tables:

  • On the Tables tab of datasets

  • On dataset and table nodes in a project


Tables have summary statistics and metadata to help you understand the data they contain.




Documents the concept that one record in this table represents. For example, the table's entity might represent a unique patient, or a specific hospitalization, or a prescription.

Row count

Total number of records in the table.

Variable count

Total number of variables in the table.

Temporal range

The range of time the current version of the dataset covers (if applicable). This can either be set by the dataset editor manually, or calculated from the data itself.


Every table has three tabs where you can view the data and interact with it in different ways. Clicking between the three icon tabs in the top left of the table will navigate between:

Some table contents may be hidden if you don't have the appropriate level of access. Specifically, you will need "metadata" access to view the variables in a table, and "data" access to view cells and query data.