The variables list shows all variables in the table. All variables have a unique, case-insensitive name as well as a type. Some variables may also have additional metadata.

Clicking any one of these variables will open the statistics panel where you can further investigate a variable.

This variables list (and corresponding statistics) are only available if you have metadata access (or higher) to the corresponding table.


All variables must have a name and type. They can also contain additional properties (metadata) to aid users in understanding a table's contents.


The name of the variable, limited to 60 characters. Must be unique within the table. All variable names are insensitive, and can only use alpha-numeric characters and underscores, and cannot start with a number.


A short, human-readable description of the variable name. Limited to 256 characters.


A longer space for notes about the variable's creation methods, coding, or supplementary information. Limited to 5000 characters.

Value labels

A table mapping each value in the data to a longer string of information. For example, a variable with records 0 and 1 might have value labels for 0 = No, 1 = Yes. Value labels will be