Data access

All datasets are either public or restricted. Restricted datasets have a set of requirements and restrictions which you must fill out and submit in order to gain the corresponding access level.

Applying for access

On the right side of all restricted dataset pages is a box which displays your current access level, and (if applicable) a button to apply for greater access.

Clicking this button opens the access modal. This modal will appear throughout Redivis, wherever you need to manage you access. It lists any requirements or restrictions needed to gain a specific access level.

Access levels are cumulative. For example, in order to gain data access you will need to have gained metadata access as well.


Requirements are conditions you will need to fulfill in order to gain the corresponding level of access to a dataset. When you submit a requirement and it is approved, that approval will automatically be applied to all instances of that requirement on datasets throughout the organization.

In the access modal, click the Apply button on any requirement to fill out and submit the form. After submitting, this requirement will either be automatically marked as approved, or it will be marked as pending if the organization requires an administrator to review and approve submissions.

Administrators could accept the submission right away, or they might reject your it and ask for more information via a comment. You will get a notification if the status of your requirement changes, or is about the expire. If any of your requirements expire or are revoked you will immediately lose that access level until you update it.

There are two types of requirements - ones you fill out on behalf of yourself (member requirements) and ones you fill out on behalf of a study (study requirements). If the dataset you are interested in has a study requirement, you'll need to create a study and select it in the access modal in order to submit the requirement. Your access to this data in projects might change depending on what study the project is in.

Direct access

Sometimes you don't need to fill out any requirements and need to just request access directly. You can do so in this modal as well and will get a notification if you are granted access by the dataset owner.

Usage rules

Usage rules are restrictions placed on the way you can use this data once you've gained access.

Data exports

These will affect how you can export data or subsets of data that you create in projects. You will need to keep these rules in mind when you are planning to use data, and can manage any potential restriction exceptions later on any specific tables in a project.

Next steps

Once you've gained data access to a dataset you're interested in, you can start working with it.

Query the data

You can run queries against the data on the dataset page, or add it to a project where you can transform and merge the dataset to create and download new tables.

Download the data

It might be the case that this dataset's administrator allows users to download it directly to their computer. If you have data access, you can view any download options by clicking the Download option in the menu on any table.