Storage and compute

All projects you own (this does not include projects shared with you) contribute to your account's storage cost. You can see the total amount in GB per project and if necessary delete projects which take up unnecessary storage.

When you run an interactive query or run a transform, the compute cost of the operation will count towards your compute quota. Every user is granted a 1TB compute quota that is reset at the beginning of the month. You can keep your usage down by using dataset samples and following some best practices.

Quotas and limits

Redivis is currently in beta, and is remains free for all users. Users will generally be able to perform all operations without restriction, though there are several quotas that are imposed during this period to keep resource utilization under control.

If any of these limits are affecting your ability to fully utilize Redivis, please contact us to lift the quota.

Total datasets: 10

This applies only to datasets that you create. You can work with as many datasets that are hosted by others as you like.

Max size per dataset: 1GB (users), 100TB (organizations)

The organization limit applies to all datasets hosted by an organization.

Compute per month: 1TB

This is a soft limit, and is intended to guide users towards efficient queries. We recognize that queries on some of the larger datasets may quickly exceed this limit; this is ok.

Total storage: 100GB

This is the sum of the size of all tables (but not datasets) across your projects. This is also a soft limit, but may be more strictly enforced once table archival functionality is released.