For restricted data, it is often important that authenticated users cannot download or otherwise make copies of a dataset or its derivatives. To handle this use case, Redivis implements the concept of export restrictions.

Export restrictions are defined on a permission group, meaning that all datasets that belong to the permission group will inherit the corresponding export restrictions.

If a table is derived from datasets across multiple permission groups, the export restrictions on that table will represent the intersection of the most constrained restrictions from either dataset.

Restriction types

Export approval

Prevents all exports without administrator approval.

Export limit

Provides a size in GB or records under which users can automatically export data. Above this limit, administrators have the option of approving exceptions.

Export IP Address

Provides a whitelist of IP addresses and/or subnets to which a user can automatically export data. Outside of this whitelist, administrators have the option of approving exceptions.

Export exceptions

In certain circumstances, administrators may want to approve an export that exceeds one or more export restriction. For example, if a user has special authorization to export data derivatives to another environment, or to handle the case where administrators want to review every export individually.

Users will need to request exceptions on any table that they'd like to export, and administrators can accept or reject theses exception requests.

You can manage restriction exceptions in the members tab of the admin panel.