Collections are conceptual groups of datasets which users can use when discovering data. These will be displayed on your homepage as well as on every dataset within the collection.


You can create a collection on the Collections tab of the administrator panel.

You'll need to give it a unique name in order to save it.


You can fill out information about this collection in the large input field on this page. This field supports markdown so you can use headers, and embed images and links.

The rest of the information will be populated automatically from the datasets in the collection.

To view how your collection will look to users, Save it if you have any pending changes and then click the View modal button in the top right corner.


You can assign datasets to this collection in bulk on the Datasets tab of your administrator panel or when editing a dataset individually.


A collection will only be visible to a user if they have overview access to at least one dataset in the collection. If there are 0 datasets in this collection, it will not be visible to anyone on your homepage.