‚ÄčMetadata is assigned to variables on a dataset to better understand data. Organizations have the ability to create and assign a global metadata file to multiple datasets. Every dataset this metadata is assigned to will display the same information. If you need to update it you can do so from a central location.

You can only have a global metadata linked to the most current version of a dataset. If you release another version, it will be unlinked and all the information copied to the variables directly.


You can create a metadata file on the Metadata tab of your administrator panel.

You'll need to give it a unique name and at least one field in order to save it.


You populate this table the same way you would a standard metadata table when creating a version.


You can assign this metadata file to datasets in bulk on the Datasets tab of your administrator panel, or when editing a version individually.

When you assign multiple metadata files to the same dataset, they will override each other if they have values for the same variable. That override order is determined by their priority. You can change this priority by clicking the Edit priority button on the Metadata tab.