Forms are the only way to gather information on Redivis. You can add a form to a membership application, a requirement, or a study.

Introduction section

Anything you type here will appear on the Introduction section, directly above the form. This field supports markdown so you can use headers and embed links, images, and files.


You can add as many fields as you'd like. To preview what the field will look like to users before saving it, you can click the Preview form button at any time.

Field name

This is a short description of the fields contents, which will never be seen by a user.

Field type

This will set the field that users will fill out. Depending on what you select users will have different space to respond.

  • Short input

  • Long input

  • Date input

  • Radio buttons/dropdown

  • Checkboxes

  • File upload

  • Signature

Field description

This is the text the user will on the form to describe the field. This is where you'll need to ask any questions or give any information to the users to let them know what to do.

Required response

Any required fields will make it so that users are not able to submit the form unless the provide a value in the field.

Form settings

If you turn on the first option, user submissions will need to be directly approved by an administrator before a user will gain access.

If you turn on the second option, the requirement will automatically expire. You can choose whether you would like to manually input an expiration when you are approving the form, or if you'd like to have it automatically calculated from one of the form fields. If you chose this option, you can always override the automatically generated date on an individual approval.


If you would like to configure an authentication step for a membership form, please contact us directly to set this up.