Organization administrators have special access to an administrator panel where they can:

  • Create datasets and other entities to better manage their content

  • Configure permissions for controlling access to their data

  • Add and manage members applying for access and using data

  • Manage their organization homepage and presence on Redivis

If you would like to create an organization to host data, contact us!

Administrator panel

Your organization's administrator panel is where you can upload and publish datasets, manage members, set and manage access controls, and monitor usage. You can navigate to the administrator panel by using the button to the right of your organization's name.

Edit the organization

While most of the information will be populated by uploading datasets and relevant metadata, you can provide an overview of your organization by editing the About section of your homepage on the Profile tab of your administrator panel. This is also where you can populate your organization's public information on Redivis.

Manage administrators

If you would like to add or remove administrators to your organization, go to the Profile tab of your administrator panel.

To give someone administrator privileges, click the Add administrator button at the bottom of the page and choose a user account from the dropdown list. Note that you can only make someone an administrator if they already have an account with Redivis.

Analytics, logging, and usage

Redivis provides tools to help you keep an eye on your organization and how it is being utilized.


Analytics allows you to track views, stars, and usage of datasets on the Analytics tab of your administrator panel. You can view this information in a Chart view or view how this information has changed over time by clicking the Timeline tab. Use the dropdown menus on the top left and bottom to adjust your metrics.


The Logs tab of your gives you a line-by-line breakdown of every action performed on a dataset hosted by your organization. Use filters to narrow the list down to a specific event you're looking for. There are separate logs for access events and for edit events.