As users work with your datasets you will begin to see projects appear on the Projects tab of your administrator panel. This list is populated with all public projects using your data as well as all projects using your restricted data. You have view only access to these projects by default, and would need to request access to edit. Clicking on any of these projects will open it for you to inspect.

On your organization's public-facing homepage you will also see a Projects tab. This list only has the public projects. Any user can open one of these projects, but they will not be able to see the data it contains if they don't have access to it.


If you would like to feature any projects on your homepage, you can do so on the Projects tab of your administrator panel. From here, select a public dataset and click the Manage 1 selected button. If you are having trouble finding public datasets, use the filter to the left of the search bar to filter by Status > Public.

From here set their status from Not featured to Featured and Save. Now these projects will always appear first in the projects on your homepage.


If a user has created a public project that you don't want visible on your homepage, you can remove it from your public projects list. Follow the same instructions as above, and change its status from Not hidden to Hidden and then Save.

You will still have access to this project on your administrator panel, but no users will be able to see it.