A study is a permissioning element you can include in a permission group. A user will need to complete and submit a study for approval. You can include a form on a study to gather information to base your approval or rejection on.

You can only have one study form. When you assign study approval as a requirement for access in a permission group it will always use the same form.


You can configure the study form on the Studies tab of your administrator panel by clicking the Edit study form button.

You only need to have an introduction and do not need to have any form items for it to be a valid, but creating a form is the only way to gather information from users on Redivis.

To view how your study form will look to users, Save it if you have any pending changes and then click the View modal button in the top right corner.

If you need to make changes to the study form after it's been in use, you will prompted if you'd like to revoke all existing approvals or keep all existing approvals when you save it.


You can include study approval in a permission group on the Permission groups tab of your administrator panel.

Approve and manage

When users submit a study you will be alerted that it is waiting your approval on their member profile or on the Studies tab of your administrator panel.

You can also create a study and assign users to it on this tab.