Permission groups

A permission group is a group of datasets which all have the same access requirements. A dataset can only be part of one permission group. Only organizations can create and use permission groups.

When you apply to access one dataset in a permission group, you will also be automatically applying to all datasets in that group.

A permission group contains three access levels, each of which might be require you to complete a requirement, a study or direct access approval to unlock. It might also include usage restrictions for working with the datasets in this permission group after obtaining access.


You can view a permission group by clicking on its name on an organization-uploaded dataset page, or on an organization's Dataset tab.

You will also see permission groups while you are applying for access to restricted datasets.


Permission groups contain requirements, as well as study and direct access approvals.

Each of these is represented by a line item under one of the access level headers.

Apply for access

When you open a permission group from a dataset page you'll see the name of the dataset you're looking at, along with the total number of datasets in this permission group. If you click on this number you will see all the datasets in this permission group.

By applying to this dataset here, you will also automatically be applying to all datasets in this group (with the exception of study and direct access approvals which are slightly different).

You can click the Apply button to fill out and submit the form or action associated with each requirement. After submitting, this item will either be automatically marked as approved, or it will be marked as pending if the organization requires an administrator to review and approve all submissions.

When an admin approves it, you will see a checkmark and it will be marked as Approved and the total number of requirements completed in this section will increase.

When every requirement in a section is approved, the section will turn green and you will immediately be able to perform the actions associated with that access level on all datasets in this permission group.

Access levels are cumulative. For example, in order to gain data access you will need to have gained metadata access as well.

If any of your requirements expire or are revoked you will immediately lose that access level and you'll need to return to this permission group to update it.

If this permission group has usage restrictions, that might affect the way you are able to work with the data after gaining access to it.