A requirement is an application to access datasets that is found on a permission group. Only organizations can create and assign requirements.

When you submit a requirement and it is approved, that approval will automatically be applied to all instances of that requirement on permission groups and datasets throughout the organization. You can see the number of datasets this requirement counts toward in the left side bar.

The requirement itself consists of instructions, a form to fill out, and the ability to leave comments for administrators.​

Apply for access

Click on any permission group and you will see a list its requirements. Click on the Apply button to open the requirement and submit it.

You must fill out all required fields to submit the form. Press the Submit button in the bottom left corner when it's complete. You can also save a draft of the form if you want to come back and complete it later.

When you submit the requirement it might be approved right away, or need to be approved by an organization administrator (depending on what the organization's configurations are). If it needs to be approved, the requirement will be marked Pending until someone can review it.

This status is also shown on the permission group.

Once approved you'll see that it has been added to your list of completed requirements for that section.

​Update a requirement

After you requirement has been submitted you can still update it and resubmit it for approval. This will be helpful in keeping your access uninterrupted if your requirement is about to expire.

Note that once a requirement is approved you will no longer be able to delete any of the information you have submitted.


You might see a number of statuses next to your requirement to indicate how an admin is processing it.


The requirement is awaiting an administrator to review it


You have successfully gained this approval and completed this requirement


The admin did not approve your requirement. They might have left a comment on it asking for some kind of clarification so make sure to open it up and check.


Your requirement has exceeded the amount of time it was approved for. You might need to update the information and the resubmit it.