Dataset discovery

The main place to find datasets on Redivis is through an organization. All organizations have their own homepage where you can learn more about them and browse or search their datasets and projects.


The organization homepage has all of the organization's contact and about information, as well as an overview of all the datasets it has uploaded. On the left you can see their featured datasets and projects, as well as a clickable list of all their collections.


A collection is a group of datasets related in a conceptual way. A dataset can be part of multiple collections. You can click on any collection on the left Collections box of the home page to see more information about it.

From here you can read about this collection, and get an overview of the datasets it contains. There is a count directly underneath the title which you can click on to see all the other datasets in this collection.

On the left bar you can see a list of all the entities and tags represented in this collection of datasets. Clicking on any of these will take you to this organization's page with a search populated with this term.

You can also see this modal from any dataset page while you are browsing datasets.


You can click on the Datasets tab to go directly to a list of all of the organization's datasets. Here you can browse and filter the datasets across various metadata items on the datasets. When enter a search into the search box, Redivis will perform a full-text search across a dataset, its documentation, its collections, tags, and entity, as well as its variables and their metadata.

You can build a search using a specific set of the advanced filters on the left of the screen. You can use the search and filter functionalities at the same time to fine tune results.

A search including variable information will only look at variables on the datasets where you have metadata access or higher.

Sort your results by different metrics on the top right of the results section to better find what you're looking for.