Create a project

Create a project

To start a project, navigate to a dataset page you're interested in working with. If you have data access to this dataset, the Add to project button will be red.

In the modal, choose the project you'd like to add it to below, or click the New project button to start a new project from scratch.

You can also create a project from the Projects tab of your workspace and click Add dataset to add the data you're interested in working with.

Manage a project

Give your new project a name by clicking Untitled project in the top left corner and naming it whatever you'd like.

As you run queries in this interface they will generate output tables. These will count toward your compute and storage quotas, which you can view on the Dashboard tab of your workspace.

Projects automatically save continually as you make changes and will continue to run in the background if you close the window. You can navigate back to this project later from the Projects tab of your workspace.