As you make changes in a project you will change the status of different nodes connected to it. These changes in status are shown on the minimap to help you keep track of your project.


Display: White background

A table or transform node will be empty if it has never been run.


Display: Grey background

A table, transform, or table will be grey when it has previously been run and has not since been edited or had anything change upstream.


Display: Black exclamation icon

A transform will be invalid when it is unable to be run. This might be because you haven't finished building the steps, or because something changed upstream which made its current configuration impossible to execute again.


Display: Red exclamation icon

A transform will be errored when you run them and the run can't be completed. This might be due to an incorrect input you've set that our validator can't catch. Or something might have gone wrong while executing and you'll just need to rerun it.


Display: Yellow background with diagonal hash lines

A transform will be edited when you revisit a successfully run transform and change a parameter. You can either Run this transform or Revert to its previously run state to resolve it. Editing a transform makes any downstream nodes stale.


Display: Yellow background

A transform or table will be stale when an upstream change has been made. For tables immediately downstream from an edited node, means that the data contents might no longer be the results of the previous transform.

You'll need to revert an upstream edited node

Running and queued

Display: Double arrows rotating

Transforms have this icon when the node is currently being run (if the icon is spinning) or it is queued to run after upstream nodes have finished running (icon isn't moving).

You can cancel queued and running on each individual node or by clicking the Run menu in the top bar and selecting Cancel all. If a node is currently running it might not be able to cancel, depending on what point in the process it's at.

Limited access

Display: All black, or partially black background

For all nodes, this means that you don't have full access the node. Click on these nodes and then the Incomplete access button to begin applying for access to the relevant datasets.


Display: Black circle with 1% icon

For datasets this means that you are using a 1% sample of the data. When a dataset has a sample, it will automatically default to it when added to a project. You can change this to the full sample and back at any time in the dataset node.

Outdated version

Display: Purple background

For datasets this means that you are not using the latest version. This might mean that you have switched to using an older version intentionally, or it might mean that this dataset's administrator has released a new version that you can upgrade to.