Exporting and downloading


Any table on Redivis can be either be saved for future use or immediately exported — subject to the export restrictions placed on any source dataset(s) by those datasets' administrators.

All saving and export options are made available through the table information dialogue. Select the table that you'd like to export, and then click the "Export" button.

This modal gives you options to download the table and its metadata in common formats. It also provides the ability to save the table to your workspace.

If there are any restrictions around downloading the table or dataset, they will be listed here. You can select different formats to download (CSV, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Newline-delimited JSON, and AVRO). Depending on whether this table or dataset has been downloaded before, you might need to wait for Redivis to generate the table in the specified format.

Export restrictions

Certain datasets may have export restrictions that have been applied by an administrator. These restrictions are tied to a permission group and include limits to the number of records and bytes that may be exported in one table, as well as the IP address(es) that they may be exported to.

A table that is derived from multiple datasets will always inherit the strictest rules from one of its ancestors, or in the case of IP addresses, will only accept the intersection of addresses allowed by its ancestors.

If your table exceeds the record or byte limit, you may still request an exception. On the table download modal click Apply for exception if the button is available. You can fill out any form (if present) and submit for administrator approval.

Download formats

Redivis supports the following download formats and limits:

File type

Max size

Includes metadata








Newline-delimited JSON

.dta (Stata)



.sav (SPSS)






Exports as CSV + load script




As a general rule, be cautious when using Excel to open .csv files. Never re-save a .csv that’s been opened in Excel, as the data will often times be changed.

Metadata downloads

All tables and saved tables allow you to download a SQL file with all code that was generated to create that table.

Additionally, you can download a table or dataset's metadata as a structured JSON file, containing the table's information and all its variables with their names, types, labels, descriptions, and value labels (when present).