What is Redivis?

Redivis is a platform for hosting and sharing data and for collaborative data-driven inquiry. It connects researchers with their peers and a growing pool of organizations hosting data.

Redivis provides a home for organizations to host everything from public to high-risk datasets, and to manage data access throughout their research community. It provides mechanisms for cataloguing and presenting a diverse library of datasets.

Redivis users can discover datasets relevant to their research, seamlessly apply for access, and leverage high-performance compute tools and a friendly querying interface to work with billion+ record datasets directly from their web browser.

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Who uses Redivis?

Organization administrators and data vendors upload, catalogue, and grant access to datasets.

Novice researchers (and students) familiarize themselves with various datasets with our interactive tools.

Advanced researchers can combine these tools with a full-featured SQL interface and robust API.

Redivis makes it easy for everyone to:


  • Search across rich metadata to discover relevant datasets

  • Preview variable names and summary statistics before gaining full access

  • Query tens of billions of records in seconds

  • Use graphical querying interface or SQL to query data

  • Data ETL and versioning tools

  • Public, shareable projects allowing for reproducibility and transparency in research

  • User-uploaded datasets

  • Multiple file type exports