A study is a group of users working together with a common goal. Studies allow users to apply for access to study requirements on datasets as a group. It also makes sharing projects and user-created datasets easier.


You can create a study by clicking the + New button on the studies tab of your workspace. Any study you are a part of will appear in your workspace. Any edits you make will appear for all study collaborators.


You can add collaborators to your study. Collaborators can edit the study and will by default have edit access to all projects created in this study.

When you create a study, you are assigned as the study's PI in the collaborators list. Organization administrators use this field to better track studies applying for their data.

If you add more users to a study you can change the PI assignment. Over on a user's name and click Make PI to transfer. Note that once you change the PI you will no longer have the ability to change the PI assignment.

You can also give a study a description, which will help administrators and other study members better understand its goals.


Any project created in this study will share edit access with all other collaborators in this study by default.


The list of datasets will be automatically populated as you use datasets in projects in this study. You can all add datasets to it directly in order to make the access process easier later on.

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