Uploading data


Getting data into Redivis is the first and most important step in making it accessible for your research community. Redivis is designed to make it easy for you to securely ingest data, at scale. To begin the data upload process, first navigate to the dataset editor.

For a guided walkthrough of uploading data to a dataset, please see the Creating a dataset guide.

For a guided walkthrough of how to clean tabular data, please see the Cleaning tabular data guide.

Redivis supports a wide variety of data types, sources, and upload methodologies. When beginning to upload data, you should first ask:

What type of data is it?

Where is the data?

  • A computer

  • Google Drive

  • Box

  • Google Cloud

  • AWS

  • Another table on Redivis

Where is the metadata?

  • Embedded in the file

  • In another file

How do I want to perform the upload?

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