Approving access


There are three types of mechanisms that users might use to apply for access, depending on the configuration of your datasets:

  1. Requirement approval on a member

  2. Requirement approval on a study

  3. Direct access request on a dataset

Note that (1) and (2) only apply to datasets managed by an organization. If a dataset belongs to you as a user, you will only need to respond to direct access requests.

When an access request is made, you will be notified through alerts on the organization administrator panel (or workspace, for user-managed datasets). You can also configure email alerts for access requests through the workspace or organization settings.

Member, study, and direct dataset access requests will be shown via alerts on the relevant tab

Requirement statuses

When a requirement is submitted on behalf of a member or study, it will have one of the following statuses:




The user has saved a draft submission, but it hasn't been submitted yet.


The requirement has been submitted for approval and an administrator now needs to respond.


The requirement has been approved by an administrator.


The requirement was expired automatically when it reached its expiration date.


The requirement was rejected on a previous submission


The requirement was rejected after being approved, and the user has provided updated information and is re-requesting administrator approval.

[status] with updates pending

The requirement is currently [status], and the user has provided updated information that requires administrator approval.

Any updated fields will be noted with a yellow alert icon.

Member requirement approvals

To approve a requirement on a member, double click any member with an alert next to their name. From this member's page, navigate to their requirements, identify any requirements with alerts, and double click the requirement to see and respond to their submission.

All submissions will have one of the statuses defined above. Additionally, if the user has provided any comments as part of their submission (potentially providing additional context or requesting clarification) the Comments tab on the requirement will show an alert.

Respond to member requirement approval requests. Note the alert next to the comments tab as well.

Study requirement approvals

Study requirement approvals behave almost identically to requirement approvals on a member. The only difference is that you will first navigate to the Studies tab of the organization administrator panel and double click on the study with a pending alert.

Remember that approval of a study requirement will apply to all members on that study. Studies allow you to simplify access controls and avoid duplication when you want to gather information about a collaborative effort between researchers — for example, approving an IRB protocol or collecting information about the study's funding grant.

Direct access approval

If you have configured access to your dataset via the direct access paradigm, whenever a user requests access to your dataset you will receive a corresponding alert on the datasets tab of your workspace and/or administrator panel.

To respond to the access request, double click on the dataset. If there are any pending requests, the dataset's Manage access interface will open, providing you with the ability to respond to all direct access requests. You can also enter this interface at any time via the Manage access button on the dataset editor, allowing you to view and potentially revoke all access approvals.

Respond to access requests via the dataset "Manage access" interface