Data retention policy


Retaining data is vital to establishing long-lasting data linkages and making research available. Redivis' data retention policy is aligned with the goal of keeping all data available and accessible whenever possible.

Owner-initiated deletion

Data owners always have the ability to remove their data from Redivis or make it inaccessible if they choose to do so.

Redivis also has policies in place in case of an accidental deletion:

  • All data is fully backed up, with point-in-time recovery, over a 7 day rolling window. Deletions and modifications to data is permanent after 7 days.

  • All metadata is backed up with point-in-time recovery over a 7 day rolling window, with daily backups of metadata extending to 1 year.

Redivis-initiated deletion

Data storage that exceeds the free tier must be paid for by the data owner or other sponsor. Upon payment failure, every effort will be made to contact the data owner and re-establish payment.

If unsuccessful, data may be destroyed after 30 days of non-payment, though all metadata, and permanent landing pages will be persisted.

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