Your account


Your Redivis account establishes your identity on Redivis, and provides a home for various forms of data-driven investigation and collaboration.

Because researchers regularly move between institutions, and often want to be able to reference and access historic work, it is strongly encouraged that you:

  • Only have a single Redivis account, much as you would only have a single Google Scholar account.

  • Tie multiple emails (e.g., university credentials, personal google account) to your Redivis account, to ensure that you can always access it.

Communication and privacy

Redivis will never, ever distribute your personal information to a third party. We will send data access notifications to your contact email, though this can be disabled in your workspace settings. You may opt-in to receive occasional product updates, though this is turned off by default.

When you apply for access to an organization's datasets, they will be able to see some information pertinent to your membership in their organization:

  • Full name

  • Contact email

  • Email / institutional identifier

  • Affiliation, if provided by your institution's login provider

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