The primary goal of an institution on Redivis is to create and manage organizations. You can do so from the Organizations tab of the institution administrator panel.

Creating organizations

In order to create a new organization, click the + New button at top right of the page. After providing the organization name and a few other details, the organization will be created.

The organization will be configured with you as its sole administrator, though you will then be able to invite other administrators to the organization.

When to create a new organization?

An organization should be thought of as an administrative context for data. All administrators of that organization will have the ability to manage, edit, and delete datasets within the organization, and will be responsible for provisioning dataset access to the relevant researchers.

If a group of datasets does not fit into the administrative context of any existing organization, it likely makes sense to provision a new organization within your institution.

Managing organizations

On the main list of this page you will see a list of all organizations within the institution. You can click on any of these to navigate to that organization.

To manage the administrators of an existing organization, right click on that organization and select manage administrators.

Administration and privacy

Institutional administrators do not have access rights to any restricted data hosted by organizations within the institution. This is by design, as it prevents institutional administrators from accidentally viewing restricted data.

However, institutions administrators do have the ability to make themselves an administrator of any organization, after which they will have administrative access to that organization's datasets. Such an action will always be recorded in that organization's audit logs.

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