Administrator panel


As an institutional administrator, you will be able to navigate to the institution's administrative panel from its home page. From here, you can create and manage organizations, provision additional administrators, and customize the look and feel of your institution.

Institution administrators have substantial privileges, including the ability to modify the administrators of any organization within the institution. Care should be taken in provisioning new administrators and in keeping their login credentials secure.


This is your overview for insight into your organization.

By default you will land on this page when arriving at your administrator panel. You can change the time period displayed across the sections in the dropdown located in the upper right corner of this page.

Institution to-do's

This section will help you get started with a new organization with helpful links to pending items. Use this as a guide to setting up your organization!


See your institution growth over time by noting the change in counts and activity. Note that the activity period is also defined by the time frame you've set for this page. Each count in the second section reflects the activity over the previous number of days in your time period.


See at a glance which of your members and datasets are the most active in your time period, and how the active members and usage events have changed during your time period.

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