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Stanford: Center for Population Health Sciences (PHS)

Redivis Co-Founder & CEO Ian Mathews presented the Redivis platform as a tool for data discovery and analysis, with a small exploration of ML workflows.

Learn how to utilize Redivis, a data platform used to store and query data on the PHS Data Portal, for every stage of your analytical workflow. This presentation will showcase common methodologies in working with large claims datasets, including scalable cohort generation and analytical workflows in R, Python, Stata and SAS. The session will conclude with an exploration of using modern ML techniques to classify patient notes and other unstructured data.

Stanford: Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Redivis Co-Founder & CEO Ian Mathews co-presented with Alex Storer from the Stanford GSB's Data, Analytics, and Research Computing (DARC) group about running ML and AI Models on Redivis.

This training includes a walkthrough on how to get started coding ML and AI projects.

Carnegie Mellon: Libraries

The Carnegie Mellon Libraries shared how they are using Redivis to offer datasets and data hosting across campus.

Georgetown: Environmental Impact Data Collaborative (EIDC)

The Massive Data Institute (MDI) in Georgetown's McCourt School of Public Policy harnesses modern data and computing power to produce cutting edge social science, computer science, and data science research that improves public policy decision making.

The Environmental Impact Data Collaborative group within MDI hosted an event to talk about their mission and the resources they'd built using Redivis to accomplish it.

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