Creating an account


To create a new account, click the Create account button at the top of any page. You can create an account using your academic institution's login credentials (e.g.,, logging in with any google account, or via passwordless authentication through any email. Your account can then be managed from your workspace.

It is strongly encouraged that each individual has only one Redivis account, and your identity on Redivis should map to your real world identity. You can (and should) add multiple logins to one account — e.g., personal email, university email, visiting-scholar university email.

By creating an account on Redivis, you can gain access to hundreds of restricted datasets and powerful querying tools. There is no cost to creating an account, and you may permanently delete your account at any time.

Your account tracks all of your projects, queries, collaborations, and data approvals with different organizations. After creating an account, you will be able to apply for membership with various organizations on Redivis and request access to their restricted data.

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