Discover & access data


Most data on Redivis is uploaded through an Organization, and that is the best place to find Datasets to work with. Some datasets will be public, while others will require certain steps before you can get full access to the data.

1. Find datasets

From an Organization's home page, click on the Datasets tab to browse all datasets and filter by their metadata.

You can use filters on the left bar to narrow down your results. All searches perform a full-text search across a dataset, its documentation, tables, variables, and rich metadata content.

If your organization is part of an institution (such as Stanford or Columbia) you can also go to the institution page to search all datasets in your institution.

Not finding what you need? You can also upload your own data to Redivis through your workspace to augment a research project you're working on and to share with other researchers. Or if you represent a research group, center, or institution, contact us about setting up your own Organization page.

2. Get to know a dataset

Click on any dataset title to go to that Dataset page.

You can view the metadata (including an abstract, documentation, citation information, and a version history) and dig into the data directly on the Tables and/or Files tab.

Each table contains a data browser to view cells, generate summary statistics, and display metadata for this table and each variable. Each file can be previewed and downloaded. Both tables and files can be added to projects to analyze.

Many datasets on Redivis are public, while others have requirements for certain levels of access enforced by the data owner.

On the right side of the dataset, you can see your current access level. If you have Metadata access you can see the variable information and summary statistics, but you'll need to gain Data access in order to view the data contents or work with this data.

Learn more in the Discover datasets guide.

3. Apply for access

On any restricted dataset you can click the Apply for access button in the top right of the page to see a list of steps required for you to gain different access levels to this dataset.

The first step is to become a member of this organization. When you go to apply you will be prompted to become a member of this organization using the credentials on your account.

Once you're a member of this organization, you might need to fill out some requirements that administrators have set up, or request access directly from them.

Requirements are forms that you will need to complete on this page and then submit. Once these are approved by your organization's administrators you will gain access to the dataset.

Learn more in the Apply to access restricted data guide.

Next steps

Start working with your data

Once you have data you're interested in, bring it into a project to transform and analyze it leveraging lightning fast tools from your browser.

Learn more in the Analyze data in a project guide.

Upload your own datasets

Augment your data analysis in Redivis by uploading your own datasets, with the option to share with your collaborators (or even the broader research community).

Learn more in the Create & manage datasets guide.

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