Apply to access restricted data


Many datasets on Redivis are public, while others have requirements for certain levels of access enforced by the data owner. If the dataset is public, you can skip over this section, otherwise you'll need to gain access before you can fully utilize the data.

1. View access rules

On the right side of all restricted dataset pages is a box which displays your current access level. If this doesn't say Data access, then your next step will be to apply for access.

Click the Apply for access button on the top of the page to open the access modal. This modal allows you to manage your access to this particular dataset throughout the platform.

Access levels

Dataset access has five levels:

  1. Overview: the ability to see a dataset and its documentation.

  2. Metadata: the ability to view variable names and summary statistics.

  3. Sample: the ability to view and query a dataset's 1% sample. This will only exist for datasets that have a sample configured.

  4. Data: the ability to view and query a dataset's tables, and work with them in projects.

  5. Edit: the ability to edit the dataset and release new versions.

Access levels are cumulative. For example, in order to gain data access you will need to have gained metadata access as well.

Usage rules

Usage rules are restrictions placed on the way you can use this data once you've gained access. For example, data exports may be restricted to certain export environments, and/or require administrator approval.

While no action is required when you first apply for access a dataset, it's helpful to understand these restrictions to better understand what limitations, if any, they might pose to your research.

2. Apply for access

The access modal for the dataset will include all steps designated by this dataset's administrators to gain access to work with data.


To apply for access to datasets hosted by a Redivis organization, you will first need to Join the organization.

To join an organization, you will need to provide information about your identity via an email authentication, usually the email associated with your Redivis account.

After submitting your membership application, it will either be automatically approved or will be marked as pending while an administrator reviews your submission. You'll receive a notification if your submission is approved or rejected.


Some datasets have requirements as part of their access applications. Requirements are global to an organization and usually contain some type of form. Once all requirements for a particular level of access are approved, you will gain access to the relevant dataset(s).

In the access modal, click the Apply button on any requirement to fill out and submit the form.

When you submit a requirement, an administrator of the organization will be alerted and can review your submission for approval (in some cases, the requirement may be configured for auto-approval upon submission). You will receive a notification if your submission is rejected or approved, or in the future when it's about the expire. You can also leave a comment for an organization's administrators here, and they can reply to you.

There are two types of requirements - those you fill out on behalf of yourself (member requirements) and those you fill out on behalf of a study (study requirements). If the dataset you are interested in has a study requirement, you'll need to create a study and select it in the access modal in order to submit the requirement. Additionally, any projects that utilize this dataset will need to be a part of the approved study.

Direct access

Sometimes you don't need to fill out any requirements and need to simply Request access at a specific level. You can do so in this modal, and will receive a notification when you are granted access by the dataset owner.

3. Wait for data owner approval

For some membership and requirement submissions (and all direct access requests), you will need to wait for the data owner to respond to your submission. If the dataset is owned by a user, they will need to approve your request; if it is owned by an organization, any administrator at that organization can approve it.

The data owner will receive a notification as soon as the requirement is submitted, and you will receive a notification when it is approved, rejected, or for any requests for additional information. By default, you will receive an email as well as a notification within Redivis. You can customize this notification behavior on your workspace settings.

4. Re-authenticate (if necessary)

If you are accessing restricted data hosted by an organization, you may have to re-authenticate after a period of inactivity anytime you perform an action governed by the "Data" access level.

After a period of inactivity (set between 15 minutes and 3 days by the organization administrator), a popup will ask you to re-authenticate anytime you view data, query tables in a transform, or export data from Redivis.

Next steps

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