Compute credits and billing


Compute credits can be used to provision advanced compute environments for notebooks.

The default notebook configuration is a free resource on Redivis, and has access to 2 CPUs and 32GB working memory, alongside a 60GB SSD disk and gigabit networking. This is similar to most personal computers, and for many analyses should be plenty of compute power!

If you are working with larger tables, creating an ML model, or need to use a GPU you can choose to configure more advanced compute resources when setting up your notebook.

Advanced compute environments will cost a number of compute credits per hour to run depending on the machine type. This amount will be clear when configuring and starting the notebook. In order to start a notebook with an advanced compute configuration you must have enough compute credits to cover at least 15 minutes of running time.

Purchase compute credits

Credits cost $0.10 and can be purchased in increments of 100 ($10), 200 ($20), 500 ($50), or 1000 ($100). Click the Purchase credits button and choose the amount you'd like to purchase.

You can purchase credits immediately using a credit card or bank account, or through an invoice.

Credit card / Bank

When clicking Checkout you will be rerouted to a Stripe payment processing page. The card you enter here will be processed by Stripe and never seen by Redivis or stored in our databases.


You can choose to generate an invoice for your credit purchase. Any information you enter in the custom fields section will appear on the invoice and might be required by the organization paying the invoice. Once generated the invoice will be downloaded as a PDF to your computer. You can also return to view the invoice and copy the link to the invoice to pay electronically. Once the invoice is paid the credits will appear in your account.

Auto-purchase compute credits

You can set up your account to purchase credits every time your account dips below 10 compute credits. This ensures that your notebooks will never halt mid-session due to a lack of compute credits. Here, you can select the amount of credits you'd like to purchase every time this condition is met and the card you would like to be charged for it. If you'd like to change the amount or cancel auto-purchase you can do so by returning to this screen.

Refund compute credits

Credits on Redivis never expire and can be refunded at any time. If you would like to refund the compute credits on your account please contact us to initiate the refund process.

Billing dashboard

Redivis uses Stripe for all payment processing. If you'd like to view or edit your card on file or view previous purchases you can do so in the Stripe billing dashboard, which is linked from this page.

Usage limits

User accounts are currently limited to 10GB of storage. You can see your current usage on the Settings page of your Workspace, under the Compute Credits and Billing tab.

If you'd like to increase that limit and host larger datasets, Contact us about creating an Organization!

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