Unstructured data


In order to upload unstructured data to a dataset you'll need to upload it as a file on the Files tab in the dataset uploader.

It is possible to upload tabular data as a file, but it will not be represented as a table. This means it is not possible to preview the variable statistics, cells, or query interfaces, use it in a transform node, or control access on different levels, and is generally not recommended.

Uploading files

From the Files tab of the dataset editor, click the "Upload files" button to import one or many files. You can import files from a variety of data sources, or perform uploads programmatically.

Quotas & limits

Limits for upload file size and max files per dataset are specified here.

Folder management

When preparing your upload you will need to select a destination folder. All files must be in one folder. These folders will have a corresponding index table which will allow researchers to more easily work with the files in bulk. If you are uploading many files, your folder structure will likely be important – for example, a different folder for different categories of imaging files.

You can create folders on the grey bar on the right side of the Files tab in a dataset. Folder names must be unique. You can click on the menu next to any folder name to manage that folder.

To move files between folders you can right click on an individual file to change its folder. If you have multiple folders you can click the Move files button below files in the right bar to move files between folders.

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