Institutions allow for administrators to easily create and manage multiple organizations, while providing researchers with a unified interface to discover data across your institution. For example, a university might exist as a single institution on Redivis, with organizations created for different research groups and centers within the university.

If you're interested in deploying multiple organizations at your institution, contact us.

The institution home page

This page provides a central home for all organizations within your institution, allowing researchers to easily discover different organizations and their data across your institution. This page is hosted at "<your-institution-username>", though Redivis also supports custom domains (e.g., "").

The institution page can be customized by administrators on the Settings tab of the administrator panel to reflect branding and provide context to researchers working with data at your institution.

The page will also display a list of organizations within the institution. Organizations will appear in this list if a) they are publicly listed and have at least one dataset that is visible to the current user; or b) the current user is a member of that organization.

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