Redivis enables you to view, query, and download data directly through your browser.

Some datasets are public and you can work with them right away. Others have restrictions and can only be viewed or used if you complete all steps necessary to gain access from the dataset's owner.

Restricted datasets have standard access levels which you can apply to directly on the dataset page. Once you reach a level, you will immediately have access to the actions associated with it.

Access levels

You must join an organization to access any of its restricted data.

No access

You might not be able to see a dataset page at all, even though it exists. This might be because its owner has removed your access or added extra steps to gaining overview access that you haven't completed yet. Contact the owner of the dataset to get started.

Overview access

You can see the dataset page and view the access application. You will not be able to see any information about specific variables or data.

User-uploaded datasets can't grant overview or metadata access.

Metadata access

You can view variables and their metadata, as well as summary statistics. You will not be able to view or query raw data.

Data access

You can view the cells and query the data in a dataset. You can also export the data and its derivatives. (For organization-uploaded datasets, you will still have to meet all usage restrictions outlined by its permission group.)

Edit access

You can edit the dataset and its contents by clicking the Edit dataset button in the usage box on the right side of the dataset page. If the dataset is owned by an organization, you must be an administrator to have edit access. If the dataset is owned by a user, that user can grant you edit access.

Note that these levels are cumulative. In order to get data access, you’ll also need to complete all steps for metadata access, etc.

Applying for access

Every restricted dataset belongs to a permission group, which specifies the steps necessary to gain access. On a dataset's page, the usage box on the right will display the permission group information and your current access for that dataset. You can click on the Apply for access button to view the details of the permission group and apply for increased access.

Granting access

If you have edit access to a dataset you can manage its access restrictions.

For user-managed datasets, you can set them to be either Public or Private on the dataset edit page. If it is private, you can click the Share dataset button on the dataset page to give specific users access.

For organization-managed datasets, you can edit or change a dataset's permission group and approve members' requirements on your administrator panel.