Access concepts

Access levels

No access

You might not be able to see a dataset page at all, even though it exists. This might be because its owner has removed your access or added extra steps to gaining overview access that you haven't completed yet. Contact the owner of the dataset to get started.

Overview access

You can see the dataset page and view the access application. You will not be able to see any information about specific variables or data.

Metadata access

You can view variables and their metadata, as well as summary statistics. You will not be able to view or query raw data.

Sample access

This is an optional access level which might only be applicable to some datasets. If a dataset has requirements at this level, once completed you will have data access to the 1% sample. You can gain access to the full dataset by completing all requirements on the Data access level.

Data access

You can view the cells and query the data in tables in the dataset. You can also export the data and its derivatives. (You will still have to meet any export restrictions present on the dataset.)

Note that these levels are cumulative. In order to get data access, you’ll also need to complete all steps for metadata access, etc.


Dataset editor

You can edit the dataset and its contents by clicking the Edit dataset button in the usage box on the right side of the dataset page.

Dataset owner

You can edit the dataset and its contents along with its access configuration. Each dataset can only have one owner, (unless it is part of an organization).