Emailing subsets of members

Redivis has some built-in methods for helping you find and manage all of your organization's members, projects, datasets, and access systems that you can use to ease your workflows.
In this example we will imagine that we need to get in touch with everyone working with a specific dataset.

1. Locate the dataset in the administrator panel

We can go to the Datasets tab of the panel and search or filter to locate our dataset.

2. Find relevant projects

We can right click on this dataset and hover on View related to see all of the options relating to this dataset. In this case we want to see all projects that have used this dataset.
Clicking this option navigates us to the Projects tab, with a filter active for this dataset. This list is showing all projects that contain this dataset.
Click the Select all checkbox to select all of these datasets. With these selected we can right click on any of them (or click the Actions button that appears in the top right) to View related activity.
In this menu we should select Members in projects. This will navigate us to the Members tab filtered by all members who are owners or collaborators on the projects we had selected.

4. Show emails

Now that we have narrowed it down to the members we are interested in, we can right click on the header (or the options menu in the top right of the list) to edit the columns shown. In this menu we can add the Contact email column.
The quickest way to get this information out of Redivis is to go back to that same menu and click Download CSV to begin downloading a CSV of the list we are looking at exactly as you've configured it (all columns, filters, and sorting will be preserved).

Next steps

We can use these similar steps to view:
  • Queries run on a specific set of datasets
  • Exports made from a project
  • Requirements a member has filled out
And many more!
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