Dataset discovery

The Redivis data portal consists of organizations and datasets. An organizations is a group of users who create and manage datasets. Datasets contain data, metadata, and entry points for accessing and using them. The main place to get started finding datasets on Redivis is through an organization.


All organizations have their own homepage where you can learn more about them and browse or search their datasets and public projects using their data. You can navigate to different organizations on Redivis by going to or the Organizations tab of your workspace.

You can click on the Datasets tab of the Organization's homepage to go directly to a list of all of its datasets. Here you can browse and filter across various metadata items. All searchers perform a full-text search across a dataset, its documentation, its collections, tags, and entity, as well as its variables and their metadata.

You can build a search using a specific set of the advanced filters on the left of the screen. You can use the search and filter functionalities at the same time to fine tune results. Note that a search for variable information will only look at variables on datasets where you have metadata access or higher.


A collection is a named group of datasets related conceptually. A dataset can be part of multiple collections. You can click on any collection on the left Collections box of an organization homepage to see more information about it. In the collections modal you can click on the count to discover other similar datasets in the group.


You can learn more about a dataset by clicking the title, which will take you to its page.

You can asses whether or not this dataset is one you want to work with by looking at it's metadata, or depending on your access level, it's data directly. If it's not what you're looking for, you can click the Organization's name in the top left corner to search again, or click a collection to find other datasets like this one.

Next steps

Once you've found a dataset you're interested in you might do one of three things.

Apply for data access

If the dataset is restricted in some way, you'll need to gain access before you can take further steps with it. Additional access will allow you to view the variable information, view the cells, and add it to a project or in some cases download it.

Query the data

If the dataset is public, or you've already gained data access to it, you'll be able to start querying right away on Redivis and add it to a project to create and download new tables.

Download the data

It might be the case that this dataset's administrator allows users to download it directly to their computer. If you have data access, you can view any download options by clicking the Download button in the right box of the dataset page.