The workspace is the home of your content on Redivis. It is created when you make a Redivis account and accessible from the top bar anywhere on the site. Your workspace is only visible to you.


A project is where you combine, query, and manipulate various datasets across Redivis. You can create a project by clicking the + New button on the projects tab of your workspace. Any projects that you've created, or that have been shared with you, will show up here.


This page lists all organizations on Redivis. If you have applied for access to any restricted data, a copy of your submissions will be listed under the organization you applied to.


‚ÄčStudies allow users to more easily work in groups. You can create a study by clicking the + New button on the studies tab of your workspace. Any study you are a part of will appear in your workspace. Any edits you make will appear for all study collaborators.


Any datasets that you've uploaded, or bookmarked, or can edit will appear here. You can create a dataset by clicking the + New button on the datasets tab of your workspace.