Exporting data


Redivis is not a closed ecosystem — its foundation is based on open APIs and standards, and it is designed to work and integrate with the wide variety of open source (and proprietary) analytical toolkits used by the research community.

Redivis supports data downloads in numerous formats, allowing you to quickly load a table into the software of your choice. Moreover, its integrations, Python and R client libraries, and REST API allow you to interact with and build upon Redivis data in the tools that are familiar and best suited to your use case.

Dataset owners have the ability to define export restrictions on their datasets, which constrain the allowed export destinations, and can limit the size of exports or enforce specific administrator approval before exports can happen.

These restrictions are enforced whenever you are exporting data through an external tool, and may limit how you can export some of the more restricted datasets on Redivis. In some cases, you may be able to request export approval to allow the export of an otherwise restricted table.

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