Embed tables


Redivis tables can be embedded on any site that allows for embed links, which will allow someone to interact with the live table and underlying data (assuming proper data access), including viewing summary statistics, exploring the cells, and querying the data.

Navigate to any table on Redivis and click the Export table button, then navigate to the Embed tab.

Here you can copy the embed URL and paste it into any site that supports embed links. You can also copy code to use for embedding this table on your own page.

At any point you can click the View on Redivis link in the bottom right corner to view the original table on its original Redivis dataset page.

You can also view this table fullscreen by clicking the fullscreen icon on the bottom right overlay.


Public data will always be accessible when embedded to anyone viewing the page. However if the data is restricted, normal data access rules will apply.

In order to view restricted data, users must have a Redivis account and be signed in. If they need to sign in, they can do so when viewing the dataset in it's embedded context.

Once logged in, if they already have metadata or data access to the table it will become available to view and query. If not, they'll need to apply for access on the Redivis dataset page by clicking the Apply for access button.

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