Organization administration


Organization administrators have special access to an administrator panel where they can:
To add or remove administrators from your organization, you can update administrators from within your organization settings.
For new administrators, consider reading the Setting up an organization guide before you get started.
If you would like to create an organization to host data, contact us!

Administrator panel

Your organization's administrator panel is where you can upload and publish datasets, manage members, set and manage access controls, and monitor usage. You can navigate to the administrator panel by clicking the button to the right of your organization's name.
You must be an administrator of an organization to see the admin panel. If you are not yet an administrator, you will need to ask an existing administrator to add you.
Navigate to the organization administrator panel from your data portal

Managing organization resources

On the administrator panel, you will have access to lists of various resources:
  • Members
  • Studies
  • Projects
  • Datasets
  • Permission Groups
  • Requirements
  • Logs
You can navigate between these lists by clicking on the relevant section of the left navigation bar.
Navigate between organization resources on the left navigation bar

Filtering and ordering resource lists

To best audit various organization resources, you can search and filter across any list by clicking the filter button next to the search bar.
You can also order any list based on a variety of metrics by clicking the order icon at the top of the list.
Filter and order various lists of resources for your navigation

Downloading resource lists

To download the (possibly filtered and order) list of resources as a CSV, click the the three-dot menu at the top of the list and select the download option.
Download the current list as a CSV