Administrator panel


Your organization's administrator panel is where you can upload and publish datasets, manage members, set and manage access controls, and monitor usage. You can navigate to the administrator panel by clicking the button to the right of your organization's name.

You must be an administrator of an organization to see the admin panel. If you are not yet an administrator, you will need to ask an existing administrator to add you.

Navigate to the organization administrator panel from your data portal


This is your overview for insight into your organization.

By default you will land on this page when arriving at your administrator panel. You can change the time period displayed across the sections in the dropdown located in the upper right corner of this page.

Organization to-do's

This section will help you get started with a new organization with helpful links to pending items. Use this as a guide to setting up your organization!


See how your organization growth over time by noting the change in counts and activity. Note that the activity period is also defined by the time frame you've set for this page. Each count in the second section reflects the activity over the previous number of days in your time period.

Top datasets and Top members

See at a glance which of your members and datasets are the most active in your time period.

Active members and Queries run

See how these activities have changed during your time period. Click on any bar to jump to the logs to see more details about this snapshot in time.

Managing organization content

On the administrator panel, you will have access to lists of various resources:

  • Members

  • Studies

  • Projects

  • Datasets

  • Permission Groups

  • Requirements

  • Logs

You can navigate between these lists by clicking on the relevant section of the left navigation bar.

Each of these lists has multiple tools you can use to better understand your organization and navigate to related materials.

Filtering and ordering lists

You can search your list with any search terms and in addition filter the content down to match related elements. Any filters and searches you have will stack with each other.

You can order any list by a specific column by clicking that column name.

Additional columns

Click the menu button in the top right of the list to see all available columns. You can add and remove columns here to build the list you need.

Item actions and lateral navigation

Clicking on any row in your list opens the item, but maybe you want to take some actions from this screen. You can right click any row to see what actions are available to you.

As you're working, you also might want to navigate to another list to dig deeper. You can right click on any row in the list to see navigation options. For example, with one click you can see all members using your selected dataset in a project, or you can see all query logs for this dataset.

Multiple selections

You can select multiple items and either right-click or click the Actions button to see the actions and navigation options for this group of items.

Download lists

To download the exact configuration of the list of resources you're looking at as a CSV, click the the option menu at the top of the list and select Download CSV.

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