As users work with your organization's datasets, projects will appear on the Projects section of the administrator panel.
This list is populated with all public projects using your organizations datasets as well as any project (whether public or private) using your restricted data. As an administrator, you have view only access to any project that uses your organization's restricted datasets. Private projects using your organization's public datasets will not appear in this list.
You can double click on any project to view that project.
View projects using your organization's data

Featured projects

On the homepage of your organization's data portal, you will see Projects tab. This list contains all public projects working with your organization's data, and is useful for showcasing common workflows and providing training material.
Making a project public does not make its data content public. While users will be able to open the project, they will not be able to see any data content that they don't have access to, including in derivative tables.
If you would like to specifically feature certain projects on your organization's data portal, right-click on any project and select Manage. You can only feature public projects, as these are the only projects visible on your data portal.
Additionally, if a user has created a public project that you don't want visible on your data portal, you can remove it from your public projects list. Following the same instructions as above, you can change the project's status to hidden.
You can feature or hide multiple projects at once by using shift/cmd+click to select multiple projects.
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