Settings and branding


The profile and settings sections of the administrator panel allow you to customize the look and feel of your organization and take various administrative actions.

For a deep dive into configuring a new organization, check out the Setting up an organization guide.

Branding your organization

In the profile section of the administrator panel, you can customize how your organization's data portal is presented to end users.

You can specify:

  • Organization name: The full name of your organization. This is distinct from your organization's username, which can be modified in the settings.

  • Custom color: Choose a brand color to customize the look and feel of the data portal. If left unspecified, will default to the Redivis brand colors.

  • Organization logo: A square image for researchers to associate you your organization. Will use a placeholder image if not assigned.

  • Cover photo: This is the banner image that will be shown on the header of the organization's data portal. Make sure to use a high-resolution image with a wide aspect ratio. If left unspecified, a thinner bar of your organization's custom color will be used.

  • Header image: If you want to control how your organization displays in the header bar, you can upload an image here. Defaults to the organization logo + name.

  • Header links: When users hover over your organization name in the header bar, these will be provided with these quick links. Useful for quick links to other related resources, such as your organization's own internal documentation or website.

  • About: A rich text editor. This content will be shown prominently on the home page of your organization's data portal.

Check out the Redivis Demo Organization to see how these various options are presented on the data portal home page.

Customize the look and feel of your organization on the "Profile" tab


The settings section of your organization allows you to conduct various other administrative tasks.


Set your organization username. This must be unique across Redivis, and can only contain common ascii characters.

Changing the organization username will change the URL of your organization (unless you're using a custom domain). It will also break any API references to your organization's datasets.

Generally, you should not update this username after a sizable number of researchers have started working with your organization.

Custom domain

By default, your organization URL will be{username}. However, Redivis supports custom URLs — for example, .


You can add and remove administrators of your organization by clicking the Edit administrators button. You can search for any Redivis account to add them as an administrator.

Remember that administrators will have full access to your organization's datasets and have the ability to add / remove other administrators.


In order to be notified by email of new access requests, you can provide one or more email addresses here. You can configure notifications to send an email with each access request or as a daily digest.

Don't leave your researchers waiting! Unless you're checking the administrator panel regularly, it's a good idea to configure at least one email alert for new access emails.

Export locations

If you want to restrict data exports to certain computational environments, you'll need to first define those locations here. An export location must have a name and IP address (or subnet), and can optionally have a description to provide further information about the environment to researchers.