Redivis projects are high-performance, collaborative environments for analyzing data. In a project, you can combine datasets across Redivis, and build out your analytical workflow in a reproducible manner. Projects can contain:

  • Dataset nodes containing data cross Redivis you want to work with and have access to.

  • Transform nodes to join, filter, aggregate, and reshape tabular data. Transforms are particularly important when working with large tables, allowing you to query billions of records in seconds.

  • Notebook nodes to leverage the variety of powerful tools available in Python, R, Stata, and SAS in a high performance compute environment.

  • Table nodes created as outputs of your work that can be used to validate your queries, build further analysis, create new Redivis datasets, or be exported to other environments.

Projects can be shared with collaborators as a version controlled artifact of your research or to collaborate with others in real time.

New to Redivis? Learn more in our Analyze data in a project guide.

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