Access and privacy


By default when you create a project it is only visible to you, and to any administrators in organizations whose restricted datasets you are using.

Project access

To share this project with others, click the project name, and then the Share menu item in the top center menu bar in the project. You can also open share settings from the Projects tab of your workspace.

You can individually add users on Redivis to your project and designate whether they Can view or Can edit your project.

Note that sharing project access with a user or study does not give access to any restricted datasets. They might not be able to view some or all of the nodes within your project, and will have to apply for access accordingly.

Note that if a user has Edit access they will be able to share the project with other users.

You can also transfer the project to another user by reassigning the project Owner.

Assigning a study

This project can be moved into a study to make sharing access easier. When in a study, you can select what access level you would like everyone in that study to have to your project. Note that if someone is added or removed from the study, their access to your project will be immediately updated.

Public projects

You can also make this project public by clicking Can view on the access option for "anyone on the internet". This means anyone will be able to view your project and it will appear in lists of public projects for organizations whose data you're using.

No one accessing this project publicly will be able to edit it. Even if you make a project public you'll still have to individually give users access to Edit.

Multiple users

Multiple users with edit access can be working on a project at the same time. When this is the case you will see their picture in the top menu bar alongside your own. You will also see a colored dot on the minimap next to the node they currently have selected.


In general, a project is your space to explore and investigate, with its visibility entirely under your control. However, if you utilize a restricted dataset that is owned by an organization (that is, it belongs to a permission group rather than being listed as "Public"), administrators of that organization will have the ability to view (but not edit) your project.

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