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Notebook nodes


Notebook nodes in Redivis projects provide a flexible computation environment for data analysis, connecting Redivis tables to the scientific compute stack in Python, R, Stata, and SAS. Redivis notebooks are built on top of Jupyter notebooks and the .ipynb notebook format.
From within a notebook, you will be able to query and analyze any table within your project, and (optionally) generate an output table from the notebook. Because data referenced in a notebook never leaves Redivis, you can securely analyze data that would otherwise be bound by export restrictions.
See our Analyze data in notebooks guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of using notebooks on Redivis.

Notebook node states

As you work in a project, nodes colors and symbols will change on the tree view to help you keep track of your work progress.
Spinning circular icon
The notebook is being provisioned and will be available for use once it has started.
Purple dot on the node corner
The notebook has started and cells can be executed. It will continue running until it is stopped or times out.
Grey background
The notebook has stopped and only a read-only view is available.
Red exclamation icon
An error has occurred during the startup process or an issue has happened requiring a restart.
Yellow background
An upstream table has been changed since the notebook but last started.
Incomplete access
All black background, or dashed borders
You don't have full access the node. Click on the Incomplete access button in the top bar to begin applying for access to the relevant datasets.
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