Transform nodes


A transform node in a Redivis project provides a powerful querying tool to reshape one or more tables into a new output table.

You will build your transform by choosing steps one at a time based on the actions you want to take on your data. At any point you can run the transform to execute each step sequentially and view the resulting table.

The most commonly used transforms steps can:

The transform interface translates your interface inputs to SQL code that you can view and edit. You can also intermix SQL code you've written between interface steps, or build an entire transform of your own SQL code if you wish.

See our Reshape tables in transforms guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of using transforms on Redivis.

Transform node states

As you work in a project, nodes colors and symbols will change on the tree view to help you keep track of your work progress.



White background

A run has never been attempted.


Grey background

A run has successfully completed and no changes have been made since then.


Black exclamation icon

A run is not possible. This might be because you haven't finished building the steps or have input invalid information.


Red exclamation icon

A run has finished unsuccessfully. This might be due to an incorrect input you've set that our validator can't catch. Or something might have gone wrong while executing and you'll just need to rerun it.


Grey hash marks

Changes have been made to the contents of the transform since it was last run. You can either Run this transform or Revert to its previously run state to resolve it. Editing a transform makes the downstream table stale.


Yellow background

An upstream change has been made. This means the content of the node does not match the content of the node above it.


Static circular icon

Nodes that are waiting for an upstream run to finish before running themselves. When you run multiple nodes they will be executed in a logical order. Once upstream dependencies are finished, queued nodes will automatically start running.


Spinning circular icon

A run is currently in progress. You can cancel running (or queued) transforms by clicking the Run menu in the top bar and selecting Cancel. If a node is currently running it might not be able to cancel, depending on what point in the process it's at.

Incomplete access

All black background, or dashed borders

You don't have full access the node. Click on the Incomplete access button in the top bar to begin applying for access to the relevant datasets.

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